Orangeade Diamonds

Orangeade Diamonds

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Orangeade Diamonds — Mile High Club




Orangeade Diamonds — Mile High Club

Orangeade is an indica dominant strain consisting of sweet, citrus, floral, fruity aromas and flavor notes. Between its delicious flavor and the humulene in Orangeade’s terpene makeup, this strain might just suppress (or even satisfy) your appetite. It has a lineage of Tangie and Purple Punch, and beta caryophyllene and limonene round out its terpene profile to offer a mood boost and anxiety relief for a productive flow state any day.



BEEVOKE goes beyond physical products and providing what the products already give, our mission is the aid you in defining a healthier lifestyle by personalizing products from B.C.’s best craft growers and provide something extra to evoke your inner emotions. We want to be there to treat the physical and spiritual you.

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Dimensions 17 × 14 cm
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