Born in 1949 on Canada Day, from a small farm town in Manitoba, 20km from North Dakota border, “Auntie” was the middle child of 7 brothers and sisters in which four of them shared the title of “Twinz”.

At the tender age of 10, her family was struck with a gravely sickness and by the grace of God, young Auntie remained healthy and nursed her family back into triple A standards.

She was quickly given the title of “Mother Teresa” by her piers because of her nurturing nature and rebellious soul.

Young Auntie learned about the health benefits of the magical herb in which she used to recover her family’s health in the 1950’s. Wanting to learn more, she decided to head west to get into the marijuana trade.

After migrating west, she met a group of outlaws and was welcomed into their family. She eventually gained their loyalty and trust, and rose the ranks quickly through her strong work ethics and morals, becoming the #1 transporter from the Great North. She was Bible on the Dash, and Baby in the Back.

25 years in prison surrounded by Dope Heads, it was only fitting after legislation of the very herb that saved her family and stole her years, she was given her own brand as her payment, service and token of gratitude for her children and grandchildren.

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